Lannister: Poor Fellows

Unshakable Faith Can See a Man Through Any Conflict

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14+ years old

About the Game

The Poor Fellows do not wear fancy armor. Their weapons are whatever was close by when they headed into combat. But enemy Commanders that discount their prowess in battle will soon find themselves overrun by fanatics.

The Poor Fellows Unit Box gives Lannister Commanders a unit full of surprises on the battlefield. Having only moderate combat abilities, their true strength comes from passing Morale tests. That gives them a Faith token that can later be spent to deal direct Wounds to enemies. The unit also continually regenerates its numbers as the battle goes on, calling up new faithful to join their ranks each time they activate. The unit can be on the verge of destruction one turn, then swell back to full combat strength in a couple turns.

Unit Card
Unit Tray

Detailed Miniatures

The Poor Fellows Unit Box comes with 12 highly-detailed pre-assembled miniatures in three different sculpts, making them ready to play right out of the box.

Unshakable Faith

The Poor Fellows gain bonuses from passing Morale tests, letting them deal Wounds directly to opponents, making them a deadly foe to face, forcing enemies to reconsider their usual tactics.

Swelling the Ranks

The Poor Fellows constantly regenerate new additions to their unit each time they activate. Attrition has no hold over the unit on the battlefield.

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