Baratheon: R'hllor Lightbringers

The R’hllor Lightbringers Rain Fire Down Upon Stannis’ Enemies

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2+ players


14+ years old

About the Game

House Baratheon is well known for equipping their troops in some of the heaviest armor found on the battlefields of Westeros. While other Houses might also do this for their frontline combat troops or heavily-barded cavalry, House Baratheon’s zeal for heavy armor even extends to their support units. The R’hllor Lightbringers are some of the most heavily armored archers that will take to the field. Though most enemies are more concerned with the flaming arrows they fire rather than the armor they’re wearing.

The R’hllor Lightbringers unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives House Baratheon players a new ranged unit to add to their forces. Loyal to Stannis Baratheon, they are some of the most heavily armored ranged units in the game. And their flaming arrows are certainly to not be overlooked, either.

Unit Card
Movement Tray

Highly-Detailed Figures

The R’hllor Lightbringers are represented on the tabletop with pre-assembled, highly-detailed miniature figures. Their armor is perfect for painting in House Baratheon’s colors.

Everything Included

The unit box contains the unit, their movement tray, and stat card, giving players everything they need to add the unit right away to the battlefield.

New Options

As a strong ranged unit that’s still able to handle a little bit of melee, the R’hllor Lightbringers will give House Baratheon players a powerful and versatile new force for their armies.

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