Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion

Two new Clans have entered the war for the fate of Japan.

Suggested Retail Price: $59.99


90-120 mins


3-6 players


14+ years old

About the Game

A strange tide laps the shore of Japan as two new Clans arrive to try and stake their claims in the war to shape the nation in their image. The Sun Clan walks in the light and their Honor is their strength. Whenever the Sun Clan wins a tie due to the Honor track, they will also take one Coin and one Victory Point from their opponent. The Moon Clan is a shady adversary, with great power at their disposal. Each of their figures have a strength of two Force on the board, making them tough to fight battles against.

The Rising Sun: Dynasty Invasion also includes seven Lucky Gods, each with their own Season card and highly detailed miniature. These Lucky Gods are the equivalent to the Monsters in the base game, but can only be acquired by the Sun and Moon Clans. Likewise, these Clans are unable to hire the services of the regular Monsters.

Rules Leaflet
Plastic Clan Markers
Political/War Tile
Clan Screens
Highly Detailed Plastic Miniatures
Color Miniature Bases

New Clans

The Sun and Moon Clans each come with 10 highly detailed miniatures and their own special abilities that will add a new dimension of strategy to games of Rising Sun.

Lucky Gods

Each of the seven Lucky Gods comes with its own Season card and detailed miniature. They add unique abilities only available to the Sun and Moon Clans.

Season Cards

The Dynasty Invasion expansion includes 15 new Season cards to be added to the regular set. These add new options for all players.

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