Rising Sun: Kami Unbound

The Kami have returned to Japan to take part in the battle!

Suggested Retail Price: $34.99


90-120 mins


3-5 players


14+ years old

About the Game

Not satisfied with simply receiving the worship of the Clans of Japan, the Kami have returned to Earth to exercise their influence on the war itself. With the Rising Sun: Kami Unbound expansion, these mythological gods can take part in the battle like never before.

Kami Unbound introduces a whole new ruleset for your games of Rising Sun, as well as seven highly detailed miniatures for each of the Kamis in the game, plus Kami Power cards and new Season cards. Each Kami in the game starts off the board. When you send a Shinto to the temple to worship them, you gain control of the figure on the board, adding one Force to your army for battles and Harvests. You also gain control or their Kami Power card, which provides a special bonus for the Province the Kami is in. Your Shinto shows their true devotion to gain ultimate power. No game of Rising Sun will ever be the same!

Season Cards
Kami Cards
Rules Leaflet
Highly Detailed Plastic Miniatures

New Ruleset

The Kami Unbound expansion adds new rules that will force players to adjust their strategies and develop new ways to approach their games.


Incredible Miniatures

Each of the seven Kami in the game get their own amazing and highly detailed miniature to help them take a more active role in the war for Japan.

Kami Powers

The Kamis in the game now represent Force on the board, and you can take advantage of their special Kami Powers in the Province where you control them.

Rules & More

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