Rising Sun: Monster Pack

Something monstrous has just been unleashed in the battle for Japan!

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99


90-120 mins


3-5 players


14+ years old

About the Game

In Rising Sun, the Kami have become displeased with the ways of the world and have tasked their Clans to fight to restore honor and order to the land. These Clans call upon ancient traditions to help them fight their war. At times, it’s even necessary to get the assistance of mythological Monsters. With the fate of the nation at hand, everything is fair game.

The Rising Sun: Monster Pack includes four Monsters, each with their own Season card and incredible miniature figure. There is the terrifying tree Jinmenju, which steals resources from everything around it when it’s summoned. The menacing Fire Dragon has three Force and burns the ground before a battle, eliminating a figure from every opposing Clan present. The Oni of Plagues thrives on dishonor, keeping those with higher Honor away. Finally, the Jorogumo is a fearsome spider with the ability to seduce opposing figures to your side of a battle.

Highly Detailed Plastic Miniatures
Season Cards
Color Miniature Bases
Rules Leaflet

Incredible Miniatures

Each of the Monsters in this expansion are represented by amazingly detailed miniature figures. These creatures will haunt your nightmares!

Season Cards

The Monsters in this expansion all come with their own Season card, so they can be added to your games of Rising Sun.

New Decisions

With these new Monstrous allies or foes entering the game, you’ll have to create a whole new approach to your strategies.

Rules & More

Player Support

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