Zombicide: Running Wild

In the West, a Horse Can be Your Best Friend or a Nightmare

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14+ years old

About the Game

Out in the wide-open expanses of the Old West, a horse is one of the best things you can have around. Rugged, hardy, able to get someone from place to place relatively easily, having a horse around could be life or death. During a Zombie outbreak, that fact is even more evident… except when the virus infects a horse and makes it an undead Nightmare.

The Running Wild expansion for Zombicide: Undead or Alive gives players the options to saddle up and ride their way through the Zombie apocalypse. It contains six new Survivors in both Mounted and Unmounted versions. The Survivors have special, enhanced movement and aiming while astride their trusty horses, along with a special skill. However, they can’t enter buildings, meaning they have to dismount to go search inside. Meanwhile, horses aren’t immune to the Zombie virus and this set also contains the undead Nightmare Abomination.

ID Cards
Large Counterbases
Rules Leaflet

Highly Detailed Figures

The Survivor’s Mounted and Unmounted versions, as well as the undead Nightmare, are all represented on the tabletop by highly detailed, pre-assembled, plastic figures.

New Survivors

Six new Survivors take to the field to fight off the oncoming Zombie hordes. Their skill in horsemanship is unrivaled, giving them extra movement and skills while saddled up. Though they also have unmounted versions for when they have to go into buildings.

A New Nightmare

The Nightmare Abomination is an undead horse that’s sure to terrorize not just the dreams of the Survivors, but their waking moments, too.

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