Starcadia Quest: Showdown

Get ready for the Showdown: Starcadians vs. Arcadians!

Suggested Retail Price: $34.99


60 mins


2-4 players


14+ years old

About the Game

There have been many technological advances over the centuries, but few have been lauded as much as the Hollow Deck. This bit of machinery lets people call up solid light in any form they want, letting them meet with people from ancient times that they could never meet otherwise… and fight them!

The Showdown expansion for Starcadia Quest lets players bring all their favorite heroes, pets, and mounts from the original versions of Arcadia Quest along for a star-faring ride. The set includes stat cards for heroes from many previous expansions, so they can be used in a full Player-vs-Player grudge match to the finish. What sort of dream combinations will players come up with? The stat cards for these heroes even allow them to be used in regular games of Starcadia Quest, so players can go fight against Supreme Commander Thorne in a whole new way

Crew Dashboards
Game Board
Cotton Bag
Hero Cards
Token Punchboards

Expanded Options

With the stats for all the heroes, pets, and mounts from Arcadia Quest games, players can create a multitude of new Crews for their games of Starcadia Quest.

Full PvP

The Arena is made for grudge matches. There are no extra monsters to distract from fighting directly against the opponent.

A New Place to Fight

The set includes a double- sided game tile that brings the Hollow Deck Arena to life on the tabletop, with plenty of places to hide and set up an ambush for unsuspecting combatants.

Player Support

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