Targaryen: Pit Fighters

These Trained Gladiators Hit the Battlefield Proper

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2+ players


14+ years old

About the Game

Gladiatorial combat has been popular forever. Most gladiators are slaves, forced to fight to
survive. But with Daenerys freeing them, they’ve pledged their lives to her service. Now, instead
of the arena, they fight on the battlefield for House Targaryen.
The Pit Fighters unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives House
Targaryen players a melee-centric unit for their armies. They strike hard and fast, owing to their
training and lack of heavy armor. Their devotion to Daenerys even causes them to sacrifice
themselves if it’ll weaken the enemy

Highly Detailed Figures

The Pit Fighters are represented on the tabletop with highly detailed, pre-assembled, plastic

All Included

With models, unit card, and movement tray, the Pit Fighters are ready to join the battle
immediately out of the box.

Melee-Centric Striker Unit

The Pit Fighters like to get up in close with enemies quickly, then use their special abilities to
debuff enemies, even at the cost of their own unit.

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