The Grizzled: At Your Orders

Can Friendship be Stronger Than War?

Suggested Retail Price: $14.99


30 mins


1-5 players


14+ years old

About the Game

War has the terrible ability to turn fresh-faced young recruits into hard-bitten veterans. As The Great War carries on, those in the trenches desperately long to hear news of an Armistice. Unfortunately, there’s still lots of missions they will have to go on before the war’s final curtain. Thankfully, some will be easier than others. Let’s just hope those peace talks start soon.

In The Grizzled: At Your Orders expansion, players are introduced to Mission cards. They allow the difficulty of the current round to be set depending on the experience players want to have. Of course, with higher risk comes higher reward and a speedier end to the war, but that’s up to the players to decide. Also included are new rules to play the game with just one or two players, so the war can be fought with any amount that show up to roll call. Finally, there’s new cardboard standees to represent The Grizzled out in No Man’s Land.

Mission Cards
Final Assault/Last Stand Card
Novice Card for the "Duo!" Version
Support Tiles for the "Solo!" Version
The Grizzled Cutouts
Rules Booklet

Choose the Challenge

With the ability to set their own difficulty at the beginning of the game, players will be able face the challenge level they want. Perfect for new players.

On a Mission

New Mission cards offer players a different type of obstacle, and sometimes they’ll even get a little help along the way.


Battle with Any Number

This expansion offers alternate rules for two-players and a solo-mode to tackle the war single handedly.

Player Support

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