Zombicide: Toxic City Mall

The follow-up to the hit board game of 2012! More Zombie action!

Suggested Retail Price: $59.99


60 mins


1-6 players


14+ years old

About the Game

Shopping malls are a classic zombie movie setting… experience Toxic City Mall and “shopping” will get a brand new meaning! Toxic City Mall is an expansion usable in Season 1 AND Prison Outbreak. Toxic City Mall offers new content and game modes to expand your Zombicide experience. The mall is infested with toxic zombies, bizarrely mutated monsters that release toxic blood sprays when killed. Keep your distance and aim carefully! Lucky for you, four new survivors are joining the party with new weapons and new skills. The once joyful and colorful mall has suffered from the zombie invasion. Desperate battles occurred here. Toxic City Mall includes barricades and rubble tokens to alter the boards and change your team tactics. Of course, you can use such tokens with any Zombicide tiles, published missions, and missions of your own invention!

Highly-Detailed Plastic Miniatures
Double-Sided Gaming tiles
Survivor Identity Cards
Experience Trackers

Ultrared Mode

The toxic threat calls for maximum power! Toxic City Mall introduces the Ultrared mode, allowing your favorite survivors to keep on gaining experience and skills after reaching the Red Danger Level. It also features the Zombivor rules (also included in Zombicide Season 2 : Prison Outbreak): upon defeat, your survivors can get back to the fight as zombie heroes with rules and skills all their own.

The Toxic Infection

Toxic City Mall introduces 12 special Toxic Zombie cards and many exciting new weapons. Among these, we find the .44 Magnum, assault rifles, flamethrowers, the deadly Pa’s Pistol and the Ultrared weapons: super weapons usable by Red Level Survivors only!

New Survivors

Four new survivors (and their Zombivor versions) and the Zombivor sculpts of all 6 Zombicide Season 1 Survivors joins the zombicide!

Rules & More

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