Stark: Tully Cavaliers

House Tully Will Always Answer the Direwolf’s Call

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2+ players


14+ years old

About the Game

House Tully has long been one of House Stark’s most stalwart allies. Now that the Direwolf has marched to war, every resource is being sent to field. That includes House Tully’s Cavaliers, their heavily armed and armored cavalry. They are masters at the cavalry charge and can break enemy lines with ease.

The Tully Cavaliers Unit Box gives House Stark Commanders a new cavalry option for their forces. Equipped with heavy weapons designed specifically for cavalry, the Cavaliers gain multiple bonuses when Charging. Their Lances gain extra dice as well as gain Sundering, making the attack truly devastating. The Cavaliers also Embolden the troops around them, granting a bonus to all Morale Tests nearby allies must take.

Unit Card
Miniature Tray

Highly-Detailed Figures

The Tully Cavaliers Unit Box comes with four pre-assembled, highly-detailed figures in colored plastic. These figures are prepared to take to the field right out of the box.

Strong Offense

Tully Cavaliers give another Cavalry option to Stark Commanders, focusing on Charging and breaking through enemy formations

Stalwart Defense

Having three Wounds a piece, as well as good armor, keeps the Tully Cavaliers on the field. Their ability to regain lost Wounds means they are extremely hard for enemies to eliminate.

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