Stark: Umber Greataxes

Units that can be flexible on the battlefield can be incredibly valuable.

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2+ players


14+ years old

About the Game

A trait that is often undervalued in war is flexibility. Sure, an army needs its specialists. Ones who can lead a charge, or hold back an assault, but a Unit that can do a little bit of everything is priceless when they step onto the field. The Umber Greataxes are that Unit for House Stark. The warriors in the Umber Greataxes Unit Box for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game are fiercely loyal to the Starks. They combine mobility, defense, and fearsome weaponry to make them one of the most versatile and deadly forces in the game. Many of the more traditional Commanders will find themselves unprepared for the Greataxes’ tactics, and the longer the battle goes… the stronger they become.

Unit Card
Movement Tray

Save Yourself

When using the Mighty Cleave attack, the Greataxes force their opponents to roll additional Defense Saves on failed rolls.


High Flexibility

This Unit is not made of specialists, but they are strong in many different areas, able to move around the battlefield quickly and switch from defense to offense in an instant.

Ready for War

The Umber Greataxes Unit Box comes with 12 miniatures in four different sculpts, their Unit Card, and Movement Tray, everything needed to send them into battle immediately.

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