Massive Darkness 2: Upgrade Pack

Bringing back the Original Lightbringers to battle the Darkness

Suggested Retail Price: $19.99




1-6 players


14+ years old

About the Game

The Massive Darkness 2 Upgrade Pack allows players to use their favorite Massive Darkness heroes and monsters in the Massive Darkness 2 scenarios and campaigns. It features updated cards for all the heroes, roaming monsters, mobs, and agents from the original game, including the retail expansions, allowing players the seamless integration of all their familiar favorites.

Experience each of the original Lightbringers upgraded to the new class rules of the Second Edition. Some of the more versatile heroes will even come with double-sided dashboards allowing that character the choice of 2 different classes.

Not to leave out the monsters, each of the original monsters have cards allowing them to be used as Mobs, Roaming Monsters, or even…Bosses.

Fans of the original game will also be able to enjoy an updated Campaign Book that includes a Prologue campaign and updated versions of the Quests from the original Massive Darkness.

Boss Dashboards
Campaign Cards
Roaming Monster Cards
Mob Cards
Hero Cards

Relive the Original Lightbringers

Updated cards for each of the 18 Core Game and Retail Expansion Heroes using the exciting new Classes from the Second Edition.

Foes Get a Facelift

Upgraded Cards and Dashboards for the Monsters, featuring 12 Mobs, 23 Roaming Monsters, and 2 Bosses!

Replay the Classic Quests

A new Campaign booklet containing a Prologue campaign and updated Quests from the original game.

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