Raise Your Goblets: Your Invitation to a Deadly Dinner

Everyone loves being invited to a dinner party, but in the land of Otravia, people generally RSVP with a little trepidation. Long ago, they did away with royal bloodlines, meaning that when a king dies, the next leader is chosen from a pool of eligible nobles. The best way to assure your ascension to the throne is to eliminate the competition.   

Raise Your Goblets is a party game for up to twelve dinner guests. During three different courses, players pour wine, poison, and antidote (in the form of colored gems) into the goblets in front of them while rotating and swapping them around the table. When someone feels brave enough, they call a toast, and the contents of the goblets are revealed. If a player has more poison than antidote, well let’s just say they’re out of the running to be king… and they will be remembered fondly.  

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