Regarding BoardGameWire’s article

Some of our customers and partners have reached out to congratulate us on an absolutely smashing year.  This left us puzzled until we discovered that Boardgamewire (link) mistakenly reported our profits at a very flattering number, that is unfortunately a mistaken reading of our financial report.

 Here’s our correction that we sent to Boardgamewire today:

 Dear Mike Didymus-True,

With reference to your article of the 17th of April 2024 (linked here), the numbers are incorrect.

While we would love to report $23 million profit on $45 million in sales, if you read our report carefully our full year profit is a more modest $1.3 million before tax, although we are happy to confirm that our gross margins have improved. 

The gross profit number you’re reporting does not take into account fixed costs, marketing expenses, selling and distribution expenses such as shipping, research and development and other things necessary in delivering great games.  

We would appreciate it if you could publish a correction so that our partners, valued customers and friends don’t get the wrong idea.

Wishing it were true,

Renato Franchi for CMON”


Edit: 04/25/2024/6:15 AM EST – The BoardGameWire article has been corrected with the right numbers. It was fun while it lasted.



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