Rise of Moloch: An Intermission in the Action

In Rise of Moloch, the direction of the game unfolds like a play being performed. However, in this play, the actors are writing the script as they go. The Nemesis is working with their underlings to summon the ancient fire demon, Moloch, while the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club endeavor to stop them and end their cruel deeds for good. All of the action and drama takes place over the course of six different Chapters. The board will change each Chapter, with the streets and buildings of London coming together to form the stage for the play. Just as with any good performance, Rise of Moloch has Intermissions between the Chapters. Normally, this is a time for the audience to ruminate over what they’ve seen and wait for the next part of the play. But in this story, the Intermission is where some of the most crucial decisions in the game will take place. 

In a play, the intermission gives the production a chance to reset. The scenery on stage is swapped out, and the participating actors change their costumes to prepare for the upcoming scenes. In a sense, the breaks between the Chapters in Rise of Moloch work similarly.  

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