Rising Sun: Finding Honor in War

The ancient and powerful Kami have grown displeased with the rule of man. The Shoguns of Japan have brought dishonor to the land, leading their people away from the righteous path. The time has come for a return to the old ways, and Kami have risen from the underworld to restore order and honor to Japan. They have gathered the mighty Clans from across the island and tasked them with returning the nation to the traditional ways. Each Clan has their own spiritual beliefs, tied into the history and nature of Japan. However, no Clan can take control on their own. Alliances will be formed and broken, battles will be waged, and leaders will have to exercise diplomacy as well as strength. The battle for Japan has begun! When the sun rises in the east, only one clan will be victorious.

In Rising Sun, designer Eric M. Lang has reunited the creative team behind his Viking epic, Blood Rage. Players take control of different clans and work to restore honor to Japan and rebuild it in their vision. Each Clan is led by a Daimyo, gains spiritual guidance from their Shintos, and relies on their Bushi for loyal service. The game takes place over the course of a year, with three different Seasons of actions, and a final scoring Season.

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