September Releases for Dark Age

As the year wears on, the nights get longer and the winds start to blow. Seems like a perfect time for some new Shadow Caste and Air Caste releases. And that’s exactly what we’ve got for you this month. Each faction gets a trio of releases. Let’s take a deeper look at them.

Starting off, there’s the Air Caste Leadership box. Yovanka is worthy of her position as Grand Arbiter. She is utterly unafraid of change, and shatters notions of tradition while redefining honor amongst the modern Dragyri forces. A formidable warrior, Yovanka is also without peer when it comes to manipulating her Air Focus. The Spirit Lord of Air stands ready to carry out the orders of her Arbiter, bringing her own martial prowess and Focus to bear on the enemies of the Dragyri.

Up next, there’s the Storm Elemental box. When the Soul Wardens for the Air Caste master their focus and pull together the forms of a trio of lesser elementals, they can create the massive and incredibly dangerous Greater Storm Elemental. Brute strength and vicious clawing attacks, lightning strikes and savage blows, they are a vortex that demolishes everything in their wake without mercy.

Turning to the dark world of the Shadow Caste, we begin with the Shadow Caste Leadership box. They have risen from the depths of Samaria, and their leaders have made it clear – they will not shy away from the battles of the surface. The Spirit Lord of Shadow has shamanic mastery over darkness but Amabilia, the Arbiter of Chaos, is a well-trained fighter with nearly as much mystic power. With them at the head of the Shadow Caste, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished.

Skulking behind the next corner is the massive Huntress box. Nearly as old as the Shadow Caste itself, the Huntress is an ancient horror that has come to the surface world for the first time. She is an abominate combination of Dragyri, Arachnae, and elemental darkness that stalks the world with an eternal hunger and the instinct to lead her spidery hordes into combat.

These are the new warriors for September, my good Sumerians. Bolster your forces today.

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