Sherlook: Perceiving a Crime

Moments before you’re about to clock out for the day, the call comes in. There’s been a horrible crime committed and the Chief wants you to produce some answers. As you pull up to the scene, you can see it’s already a zoo. Beat cops are trying to contain the crowds, but the media and curious onlookers are already forming a pack, barely held back by the yellow police tape.  

You flash your badge and dip under the caution tape to survey the scene. Your first step, as always, is to snap a picture, locking everything in place. That’s when the ranking officer on the case taps you on the shoulder to give you the details they have so far, which unfortunately aren’t much.  

You can’t have been gone 30 seconds chatting with the officer before returning to the scene, but immediately you sense the change. You’ve been on the force too long not to notice when your scene has been tampered with. It doesn’t take long before you identify the beat cop who messed it up. Maybe they were being a little too over-eager, maybe just a little too stupid. Either way, you’re going to have to refer to your photograph to see what’s changed. And there’s not a moment to lose. There’s a criminal on the loose and every second counts! 

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