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Table top gaming provides a great hobby with the side benefits of building fun communities and making new friends. We often joke that getting kids (any age from 10 to 80) into gaming will keep them out of drugs as they won’t have any money left over for the drugs! All kidding aside, a place to exercise social skills and to make new friends outside of work and bars is limited once you leave school. Table top gaming like this and a place to play is a gem to have in a larger city like Manchester. Take a minute to check out what gaming might offer you, a family member, or a friend; start by visiting Adler Hobby your local FLGS (friendly local gaming store) ADLER HOBBY 138 Wayne st Manchester NH 03102-3739 PHONE 603-606-1946

138 Wayne St, Manchester, NH 03102, USA
Phone: 6036061946

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