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We are the Mabry family, and we love playing board games together. It all started when a friend gave us Zombie Dice as a gift and then invited us to play King of Tokyo, and from there we were hooked. Since then, we’ve collected more and more games, attended game conventions, and connected with others who share our love for games. And now we have our very own game store, Blackrowan Games. We hope it will be your Friendly Local Game Store, too. It’s our passion to share amazing games with everyone and to create a community gathering place, which is why our tagline is “Games to Bring Family, Friends, and Community Together.” What does the name Blackrowan mean? Rowan was our amazing dog of almost 18 years, and it’s her you see in our logo. She was the best dog anyone could ever have, and we miss her still. So, what better way to honor her memory and place in our family than to name our family game store after her?

130 W 11th St, Tracy, CA 95376, USA
Phone: 2092537175

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