Comix Store 2.0

The idea of the Comix Store 2.0 is to provide the means necessary to the public and readers to receive their comics and not only to create a series of events is linked to culture and is gaining value for several years thanks to work done from other realities present in the territory. In the shop you can buy Italian and foreign italian Comics, Comics Usa, Manga, Action figures, Statues, Dvd, T-shirts, the famous and much loved Funko Pop and much more, not just material available but also available at various Italian distributors and Europeans. Shipments are also made. it is also possible to take part in free games and table games evenings that take place every Wednesday from 8.00 pm to 24.00 pm.

Via XXIV Maggio, 73, 87100 Cosenza CS, Italia
Phone: 390984412990

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