A new game store in Visby Gotland Sweden. We are a physical store but with internet prices and we dont want to sell over internet. We want to see and talk to our customers directly. And we want to be a place where people come to take a Coffee and play some games with other people with same interest. We only sell analog games and no computer games or console games. We offer some food but its fairly limited. We have a wide assortment of coffee and pastries. We have some games to lend out to players but its limited so far but we are expanding that sortiment every week. The sales has been exceeding our wildest dreams and we are here to stay. Today we are three employees in the store (café) but we need two more before Christmas.

Tjelvarvägen 19, 621 39 Visby, Sweden
Phone: 46768091550
Website: planing not to have one but we will see

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