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Nu Brand Gaming is New York City's premiere tabletop gaming space. Featuring over 3,000 square feet of dedicated game area, over 1,000 pieces of terrain, and over 20 game tables, Nu Brand Gaming offers the perfect place to paint or play fantasy, sci-fi, and historical miniatures games. Address: Nu Brand Gaming 194 31st street Brooklyn, NY 11232 Contact: (646) 696 - 4132 Rates: $10 - A full day of play (waived with membership) $35 - Monthly Membership * 30% off all orders * $5 off all events * Locker space Hours: Wednesday 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm Thursday 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm (members only) Friday 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm Saturday 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm Learn More Nu Brand Gaming on Facebook Guillaume Parodi 7 hours ago Guillaume ParodiAnyone plays DBA or Dystopian Wars? View on Facebook ·Share Rhys McDonald 7 hours ago Rhys McDonaldAnyone looking for malifaux tomorrow night? View on Facebook ·Share 蔚莫文 4 hours ago 蔚莫文Anyone here great/ Experienced at making display boards? Aiming/ hoping to win Armies on Parade/ A prize at NOVA openEdit: Im pretty decent at painting: But i habe no clue how to sculpt or work with Pink foam or create water/ rivers. View on Facebook ·Share Bryan Meller 1 day ago Bryan MellerI have two of these reaper case bags in my closet without foam, if you want them they are yours. View on Facebook ·Share David Baillie 6 days ago David BaillieHey guys. Is anyone local to the woodhave / queens area? View on Facebook ·Share Campbell Ano Kennedy 3 days ago Campbell Ano KennedyWhen will NuBrand be open on Thursday and Friday? View on Facebook ·Share Guillaume Parodi 1 week ago Guillaume ParodiDoes anyone have access to a 3D Printer?I found this for a Middle-Eastern table -- which we can't recreate at NBG for now. Modular arabic village | 3D Print Modelcgtrader.comModel available for download in .stl formats. Visit CGTrader and browse more than 500K 3D models, including 3D print and real-time assets View on Facebook ·Share Ronen Yair 2 days ago Ronen YairSo what are people's thoughts on using Forgewold models/units in their armies? Do people feel one way or the other? Talking pickup games not local tournaments (those are up to the organizers).There is some really cool shit in those books. That I would love to get in. Also a lot of duds. View on Facebook ·Share Eaton Zhou 1 day ago Eaton ZhouAnyone know of stores that carry Forge World bits? Looking for something that was recently discontinued. View on Facebook ·Share Louis Bonini 2 days ago Louis BoniniI would love to get some bolt action in tomorrow. I have 1000 points. It will be my first game. Anyone up for showing me the ropes? View on Facebook ·Share Foe Render 3 days ago Foe RenderSo finally started getting this crew painted up , started with the Oxfordian mage , still needs a few highlights about 85% done . I am going for a muted look with details that pop throughout PhotoView on Facebook ·Share Ade Sanya 3 days ago Ade SanyaLook what this guy made the last 15 min of work today! Holds 80 paints. PhotoView on Facebook ·Share Campbell Ano Kennedy 3 days ago Campbell Ano KennedyLooking to play a lot of 40k on Thursday and Friday anyone around? Im available the whole day. View on Facebook ·Share Rob Nosek 3 days ago Rob NosekHi all. So I have a 4x8 blank table on wheels and want to have it maximized for versatility. A lot of that can be through using mats (x-Wing comes to mind) or coverings (like Ade Sanya's super sweet Frostgrave set ups). Any 2x2 surfaces? What are the current regular play surface dimensions for the more popular games? GW games, Runewars, Malifa... See MorePhotoView on Facebook ·Share David Knighthawk 3 days ago David KnighthawkOk, so this is the long awaited Orks vs Space Wolves battle report between Jack Feola and myself at Nova Games - Freehold If you haven't had the chance to see this yet, please enjoy! I think it's a frick'n winner...AND HYSTERICAL! I left in as much of the banter as possible, because it's frick'n priceless! Warhammer 40k BatRep : Orks vs Space WolvesFilmed at Nova Games in Freehold, NJ Orks versus Space WolvesVideoView on Facebook ·Share John Israel 3 days ago John IsraelHey, so, Infinity this Friday? (Or Wednesday) View on Facebook ·Share David Ruiz 4 days ago David RuizQuick question for informed 40k players: Do Space Marines use 25mm bases? If not what size do they use? I've been out of the game for awhile, and want to make sure I base them properly before I start painting. Thanks! View on Facebook ·Share Isaac VanDuyn 3 weeks ago Isaac VanDuynHere are the preliminary rules for the Shadow War: Armageddon Nu Brand League, starting on July 14.PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS LINK! Shadow War: Armageddon Nu Brand War: Armageddon Nu Brand League Summer 2017 War has come once more to the mysterious realm of Nu Brandia, and the myriad factions of the 41st Millennium infect the depths of its Promethium Sp... View on Facebook ·Share David Knighthawk 5 days ago David KnighthawkLearn how to play Whisper, the new Mecha-miniatures game by Brandon Keith Fero! How To Play Whisper (by Brandon Keith Fero)Find out more by visiting the Facebook Group here: on Facebook ·Share Foe Render 6 days ago Foe RenderLooking for a game of malifaux sat. View on Facebook ·Share join the conversation Upcoming Events Wednesday, May 3rd 12:00 AM Wrath of Kings Slow-Grow League 0 Saturday, Jul 29th 10:00 AM X-Wing Store Championship 0 Saturday, Sep 16th 10:00 AM The Dutch Killz Cup II 0 Saturday, Oct 21st 12:00 AM BKFaux VII: The Pass Line 0 Saturday, Nov 4th 10:00 AM The Other Side - Intro Tournament 0 events list | calendar view icon-31554-action-orange-200p-fw-_0 Volunteers Wanted! There's plenty to do around Nu Brand Gaming to help keep things going. From assembling terrain, priming, painting, cutting, gluing and more we could use your help making this the best place in NYC for tabletop miniatures gaming. Learn More

194 31st St, Brooklyn, NY 11232, USA
Phone: 3472150038

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