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Taps for Effect Games was started in 2015. Unsatisfied with the competition, the founders set out to grow and improve their favorite community. Leading by example Taps has continued to grow and in 2020 Taps For Effect became Taps Games. With a new name and a new location Taps continues to represent the best of the Local tabletop community. The new Taps Games maintains Wizards Play Network Premium status. The highest status that a Wizards approved local game store can achieve. Our commitment to being the best is paramount and we hope to earn your business and respect See you soon! We specialize in Magic the Gathering and Warhammer Merchandise. 4 tables setup for miniature gaming (Three – 6’ x 4’ and a Single – 8’ x 4’) 7 tables for TCG and Board games. Seating 42 comfortably. Run weekly events for Magic, 40k, Blood Bowl, Age of Sigmar, and Flesh and Blood.

2854 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 6V7, Canada
Phone: 7807050132
Website: tapsgames.com/

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