Tacosgiving Day: An Arcadia Quest Special Scenario

Thanksgiving is almost here! A holiday when we traditionally set aside our differences and celebrate peace. So what better opportunity than this one to make peace with enemies?

Today we present you Tacosgiving Day, a very special Print and Play scenario for Arcadia Quest and Arcadia Quest: Inferno!

Click here to download the scenario for Arcadia Quest

Click here to download the scenario for Arcadia Quest: Inferno

In this thematic scenario, the heroes of the Guilds of Arcadia compete to make peace with the leaders of the enemy forces that encroach the city. It is a day to celebrate life and what better way to do so than sharing a delicious meal? And it’s not only the Bosses that are willing to partake in the feast: you can also bestow gifts on minions to (mostly) avoid conflict. So fetch the best ingredients and get ready to deliver the best Taco ever!

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