Tactics of the Iron Fleet

Bannermen! We continue our look into the upcoming House Greyjoy faction for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, and today we shall be taking a deep dive into the Tactics Cards available to the raiders of the Iron Islands!

We’ve previously looked at the overall Basics of the Faction, as well as explored a number of their Combat Units in previous articles, so today we are going to supplement that by highlighting just what Tactics the Greyjoys bring to thebattlefield.

Like all factions, the Greyjoys share seven common Tactics Cards in their basic deck, with an additional six being added based on your choice of Commander. Each Commander has a unique play-style they add, so they can radically change how your army plays, but regardless of that choice, some key fundamentals always remain, represented by these core seven cards. In addition, most Factions also feature a focus on key zones on the Tactics Board – Greyjoys are not exception, having a focus on the Combat Zone and the Wealth Zone, both representing their raiding heritage, as well as their key faction traits of aggression and restoration. You’ll notice, however, that when it comes to Wealth, a number of Greyjoy effects actually revolve around an opponent controlling this zone, which puts foes in a dangerous situation-claim the zone and make themselves a bigger target, or avoid it and allow the Greyjoys to reap its benefits!

With that, let’s take a look at each of them and give a little insight into how best to utilize them:

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