Teaming Up Against A Common Enemy: One Versus Many Games

A board game can provide a multitude of different experiences depending on the one you play. Theme, mechanics, weight, and length can all affect how your game night is going to shape up. One factor that enters into that equation is the competitive structure of the game.

A large percentage of the games out there are everyone for themselves battles, but that’s not the only option. More and more cooperative games are hitting the market, as well as games designed to be played in teams, or hidden identity games where you’re not really sure of who is playing what role in the game. One of the most unique competitive structures is the one-versus-many game. One player (usually the most experienced) will take on a singular role while everyone else works together to defeat them. It’s a touch isolating to be that ONE, but it’s oh so satisfying when you can defeat a group of your friends without any outside help.

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