The Alien Bosses of Project: ELITE – The Hierarchy of Evil

Ladies and gentlemen of the Committee, I want to once again thank you all for coming. I have gathered you together to halt the rumors about different strains of Proxie creatures being spotted among the rank-and-file Swarms we’ve talked about before.

Those rumors are true.

Calm down, please. We all knew this was inevitable and it is something that Project: ELITE has created contingency plans for. The Janusians are highly adept at creating hybrids between different creatures in their spawning vats. We have identified several distinct varieties. The troops out on the field denote them as Bosses and combat programs have been created for dealing with them. But in the interest of keeping the Committee fully informed as to the threat we face, I have put together a small presentation about the kinds of Bosses we’ve encountered so far. Note that the names used for these creatures are what the troops commonly call them. Please excuse the informality of them.

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