The Battle for The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch

The Industrial Revolution has brought great prosperity to the British Empire. Giant factories churn out new products at a rapid pace. But those factories also belch out huge gouts of black, greasy smoke. This causes the skies over London to be perpetually darkened, and a foul rain to fall almost constantly on the city’s denizens. In these rain-choked streets and alleyways, a new Cult has started to plot against Her Majesty, Queen Victoria. They seek the fractured pieces of the Moloch Stone. When all of them have been brought together, the forgotten god Moloch will once again enter the world. The task of saving the Queen falls to the Gentlemen of the Unicorn Club. This extraordinary group of individuals come from all over the British Empire, each with their own, unique abilities and training that make them oddly suited to the task of preventing a new era of flame and ruin.

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