The Future of Crystal Brush

We are sincerely thankful for AdeptiCon being a gracious host for Crystal Brush throughout these wonderful years and making it one of the premier painting competitions in the world. The partnership between Crystal Brush and AdeptiCon has been amazing over the past eight years since the two joined together in 2011. However, the 2019 event will be the last year that Crystal Brush will be held at AdeptiCon. After many lengthy discussions, CMON and Adepticon have decided to part ways.

Crystal Brush is continuing on. Painters will want to pay attention for an announcement coming from CMON Expo, happening May 31st to June 2nd. We will have more information about the future of the contest.

Again, our most sincere thanks to AdeptiCon for their wonderful hosting of Crystal Brush and we wish them all the best in the coming years.

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