The Greatest Swordsmen

While many would claim to be the greatest swordsmen in Westeros, the Unsullied Swordmasters would like to have a word with them. The training regimen for the Unsullied is brutal. Only one in three prospects even survive to the end. However, with such rigorous training comes some truly fantastic results. The Unsullied are some of the greatest warriors to ever take the field. Now, House Targaryen is bringing them to bear in their bid to retake the Iron Throne. Soon, Targaryen players in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game will be able to bring these paragons of the blade to the table. Let’s see just what they’re capable of.

The Unsullied Swordmasters are one of the more expensive units to field, costing 9 points. However, they sure pack a punch for that point cost. The Unsullied have a Speed of 6, which owes to their moderate armor and heavy training in it. Their Defense Save is a 4+, once more owing to the moderate nature of the armor that they wear, wanting to be more flexible and maneuverable instead of weighed down by heavy plate. Their Morale is a very good 4+. Due to their training, they fear nothing that the battlefield has to offer and will gladly stay and fight against any odds. Also owing to that confidence, the unit has the Unyielding special ability. It’s a simple, but powerful rule that says the unit can never gain Condition tokens. With all the ways those tokens can be gained and further utilized in the game, this is a powerful rule that means the unit is rarely below peak performance.

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