The Grizzled: Armistice Edition – The Price of War

In a small village somewhere in France, a group of friends stare in silent contemplation of the notice that has been posted in the town square. The French government has called for a General Mobilization of the country’s armed forces, and everyone that’s able is asked to join up with the army. It’s August 2, 1914, and what those men could not know are the horrors that lay ahead in the trenches. In the critically acclaimed game, The Grizzled, players take on the role of these soldiers and must struggle to survive what would become known as The Great War. In the new The Grizzled: Armistice Edition, the game is expanded with a campaign that spans the entire length of the war, bringing in new scenarios, new recruits, new rewards, and new hardships for everyone. Also included are new highly detailed, pre-painted miniatures of the different Grizzled in the game, lovingly recreated from Tignous’ original artwork.

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