The Heroes of Project: ELITE – Humanity’s Last Chance

Ladies and gentlemen of the council, you’ve asked me here today to update you on Project: ELITE. What I have for you is a brief bio of the top six individuals in the program. They represent our best hope to turn the tide against the aliens and secure the Earth for humans once more. Please hold any questions until the end.

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Starting out, we have Captain Akosha Haugen. A native of Norway and veteran of the United Nations Orbital Fleet, Captain Haugen’s greatest regret is that her repeated warnings about the relatively low strength of the UN Solar Fleet wasn’t heeded until the Proxies entered the solar system. By then, it was far too late. Now, with no fleet left, Captain Haugen leads Project: ELITE’s tactical teams with ruthless efficiency. No other team leader can boast such a high success rate. Her insight will be invaluable in the times to come.

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Lieutenant Barry “Gilgamesh” Hanson. While his service as an American Delta Force commando is marked with incredible feats of tactical brilliance, he remained a lieutenant thanks to his narcissistic bearing and prideful nature. When UN scientists developed the first of the new super-soldier serums, Gilgamesh instantly volunteered. The results are impressive, and Lieutenant Hanson’s already gifted battlefield prowess has been enhanced tenfold. Unfortunately, his ego grew in proportion with his body. I can see some of you have concerns. I assure you that we have taken steps to make sure he is able to work with the other members of the team.

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