The Holy Warriors

Named after the bravest and most martial of the deities that make up the Seven, the Warrior’s Sons are noble swordsmen that have given up everything to serve the will of the gods through the commands of the High Septon. Forgoing titles, land, and other noble benefits to don the arms and armor of the holy Sept, there are few as devoted to their cause as the Warrior’s Sons. As that the High Septon is a member of the King’s Councill and loyal to the crown, the Warrior’s Sons unit box adds a new House Lannister unit to the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Let us look at what these soldiers of the faith bring to the battlefield.

These knightly men don heavy shining armor embossed with the seven-pointed star and heft expertly crafted longswords anointed with oils poured by the High Septon himself. They put their lives and the lives of their fellow soldiers in the hands of the Seven, but it is unquestioningly the Warrior’s work they are called to do. The Warrior’s Sons are skilled swordsmen, slashing and stabbing at their foes with a considerable amount of Attack Dice and hitting regularly half the time.

When put on the defensive, it is the Sons’ thick armor that shunts off blows on an impressive 4+, but that is only the defense of the body. It is the stalwart bastion of fearlessness that the Warrior’s Sons become on the battlefield that makes them truly special. Knowing their hands and lives are guided by the Seven gives the Warrior’s Sons a remarkable sense of calm and purpose, as their faith emboldens them against the natural fear and panic that sets in when one’s life is on the line.

This strength that is drawn from their holy duty is represented in multiple ways. The simplest reflection of their loyalty to the cause is their nearly unshakeable Morale statistic of 4+, meaning that almost nothing can steer them from their orders. It is when the Warrior’s Sons stand defiant in the face of fear however, that their unit shines brightest. Reciting blessings and pious anecdotes to one another and shouting scriptural curses at their enemies, the Warrior’s Sons gather a unique asset, Faith Tokens (the counters for which come along with this unit box).

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