The Mayhem System: Bringing the Mayhem to Your World

As part of the upcoming Animation Collection Kickstarter campaign, we are happy to introduce the first two games using the innovative new Mayhem System: Looney Tunes Mayhem and Teen Titans GO! Mayhem. The games use a shared system for character vs. character team-based combat and will feature game-play aspects special to each world that make the various games their own unique tabletop experience.

At its base, the Mayhem system is about gaining Victory Points (VP), with the first team to collect 5 VP winning the game. The most direct method for a team to gain VP is by KOing their opponents. Characters will utilize items and powers to battle the enemy team. When a character is KOed, they are removed from the board and their opponent gains VPs – but don’t worry, they will be back next round!

While combat may be the most direct option for winning, with battle damage changing each round based on the Mayhem Die, some rounds will be better than others to engage with the opposing team. So what do you do when you are not battling each other? Each game will have its own unique way to gain VP that will be related to its world.

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