The Most Skilled Warriors in the Khalasar

The Dothraki cherish their nomadic lifestyle and love nothing more than a life spent in the saddle. These same equine traditions also include plenty of conflict. While many a young screamer doesn’t survive their first campaign, those that do refine both their horsemanship and fighting prowess to a brutal edge. These are the elite Dothraki Veterans and soon, House Targaryen players will be able to add more of these versatile warriors to their armies. First seen in the Targaryen Starter Set, let’s take a look at what they bring to the tabletop.

The Dothraki Veterans are an expensive unit to field, costing 10 points. However, for that cost, players get a true offensive powerhouse. They have the standard Cavalry rules of 3 wounds apiece as well as the ability to perform a free Maneuver action at the start of their activation. This means that their already-impressive Speed of 6 makes them truly one of the fastest units on the board, able to get where they’re needed in just a few turns. Defensively, the unit has turned their riding skills into a solid 4+ Defense Save. Considering that the unit eschews any armor, this is a testament to their experience and skill in the saddle. In terms of Morale, the Veterans aren’t going to balk at first contact with the enemy, but they also know when to cut their losses. This translates to a respectable 5+ Morale value.

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