The Night’s Watch’s Eyes and Ears

Manning The Wall, the Night’s Watch is primarily a defensive force. They keep the nightmare horrors that live further north from invading their way into the southern lands of Westeros. Their job includes knowing the dangers that they may be facing, as well as information on enemy formations, numbers, and any potential weaknesses there might be. They cannot afford to be caught unaware by an advancing enemy force. The Ranger Trackers serve as the Night’s Watch’s eyes and ears out in the field. These scout cavalry troopers undertake dangerous missions in enemy territory in order to gain vital intelligence. Soon, Night’s Watch commanders will be able to add this unit to their forces in the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game.

The Ranger Trackers cavalry unit costs six points to field. The unit really packs in the value for those points as well. While their speed might seem moderate at six, it’s important to remember that, being a cavalry unit, they get a free Maneuver action at the start of their turn. That means they can easily head up to 12” with a direction change in the middle, letting them skirt around enemy units or obstacles. Being light cavalry, they are not heavily armored, so their Defensive Save is only a 5+. However, their Night’s Watch training does imbue them with a Morale of 6+.

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