“The Plague Comes” – Bloodborne: The Board Game

The city of Yharnam was well known for its healing and therapeutic healing techniques. This brought flocks of people there, looking to restore themselves. However, a plague has started that the healers seem unable to contain, try as they might. Now, instead of being known for its healing, it’s known for its dangers. Hunters far and wide have come to town, looking to find out what has happened and put an end to this terrible disease. But many have been infected, with more succumbing every day. The Hunters will have to work fast and, of course, they must be careful to not become overwhelmed by the monsters that now roam the dark streets. The Blood Moon is rising, and time is not on the Hunter’s side. Will they be successful in stopping this curse and bring the city back to its lively state? That’s where you come in, as you take on the role of Hunters in Bloodborne: The Board Game.

In Bloodborne: The Board Game, players take on the role of Hunters coming to the city of Yharnam trying to stop an evil plague that is spreading among the populace. They will do this by exploring the town, completing quests, and fighting back dread monsters, all before they run out of time and the tide can no longer be turned. Each Hunter comes with their own unique Trick Weapon. These are the armaments that the Hunters will use throughout the game. Each one is different, with special properties that come into play when used. All these weapons are also double-sided, giving players more options as they adventure along. If one style of their weapon doesn’t work for the given task, perhaps the other will.

Powering these weapons is a deck of cards, each player with their own. These 12-card decks signify a player’s skills. Some are strength-oriented. Others speed-oriented. Still others are endurance-oriented. Players will place these cards onto their Trick Weapon board in the designated spaces when they want to make an attack, augmenting the regular stats on the weapon however they want. They might go in for a stronger attack at a slower speed or look for a quick attack that heals them for the damage dealt, or any possible combination thereof. Monsters will counter with their own set of cards that flip from the top of their deck, determining what type of attack and defense they have in combat.

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