The Project: ELITE Kickstarter is Live!

We didn’t ask for this war. Heck, we didn’t even see it coming. When the aliens attacked, humanity was caught off guard. We had been fighting our own battles for so long, we never expected the real threat to come from beyond the stars. Those first months after the initial barrage were hell. Everything was thrown into chaos, and those that survived were left scrambling to escape the major cities. That was then. We’ve regrouped, reassembled, and now we’re ready for revenge!

In Project: ELITE, 1-6 players join forces and work together over a series of missions to fight back an invading alien force. They need to think quick and act even quicker, as every round has a strict time limit. If they don’t achive their objectives, or if they lose a team member, then humanity’s last hope is lost with them. 

This battle isn’t easy. The odds against the team are long. The chances of them getting out are low, but the world’s future hangs in the balance. Winning or losing, living or dying, this is the reality they signed up for. Hell, if anyone can do it, they can. This isn’t Project: ADEQUATE, this is Project: ELITE. They’re going to send these monsters back to whatever nightmare they came from, or die trying.

The Project: ELITE Kickstarter is now live! Check out the campaign page to back this project and follow all of the updates on the CMON Facebook page.

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