The Real Black Plague: History of Zombicide 

Last week, CMON announced Zombicide: Green Horde, the sequel to the immensely popular medieval zombie survival game Zombicide: Black Plague. Black Plague is a reference to a real time in history, also known as the Black Death or the Bubonic Plague. In the mid-1300s, a mysterious pathogen swept across Europe. It’s thought to have originated on the plains of Central Asia that would’ve lined the Silk Road trade route. By around 1343, the disease reached Crimea, and proceeded into Europe from there, borne by rats aboard merchant ships, en-route to the Mediterranean. It was a period in time that claimed the lives of up to an estimated 200 million people, upwards of 60% of the population of Europe. Much of the zombie lore we see in popular culture today refers to a plague that sweeps across the world affecting everyone in its path and leaving the survivors fighting for their lives. One of the scariest things to imagine is that this has already happened in our history.

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