The Savagery of the Free Folk Shows Forth

While the Free Folk eschew most of the complexities of society that those south of The Wall revel in, they are hardly savages… for the most part. Among their number are soldiers who entirely reject society and simply act as they so choose. These Cave Dweller Savages might head to battle in little more than ratty furs and bone or wooden clubs, but any southern commander would be wrong to write them off as simply rabble to be dealt with at their leisure. It might seem reductive to say that the Cave Dweller Savages are savage fighters, but that is certainly the case. This month, Free Folk Commanders will be able to add this bloodthirsty unit to their forces.

The Cave Dweller Savages unit comes in at five points to field. They’re a moderately-costed melee unit. Their lack of armor shows in their stats via a pretty dismal Defensive Save, however it also means they have a decent speed stat of six. While their furs will not turn away many sword strikes or arrow tips, once the Savages are in battle, it is hard to get them to leave, as they have one of the best Morale stats in the game. Not many of them will break and run, and will rather have to be cut down where they stand.

On the offensive side of things, they have a respectable melee attack, rolling seven dice when at full ranks, with their attacks hitting half the time. Their real strength comes when they face off against damaged enemies. As the opponents ranks fall away, the Cave Dweller Savages get more and more bloodthirsty. Their Ruthless Savagery special rule gives them a buff to their attacks for each destroyed rank the enemy has that they are attacking. They can choose to have their attacks get a bonus to hit, or they can gain Sundering, or they can have their attack gain Vicious. Whatever they choose, the enemy is certainly going to feel it. With this ability, the Cave Dweller Savages are a great second-wave unit, bringing a finisher into the fight, taking down enemy units damaged by their allies.

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