The Starcadia Quest Kickstarter is Live

For a thousand years, the residents of Arcadia have possessed the knowledge of space travel, allowing them to leave their little world and explore the stars. In that time, they’ve travelled far and wide, making some allies along the way, and some enemies as well. The cold vacuum of space can be scary, and in time, the Starcadian Alliance was formed. Less like a government, and more like a loose defense system, the Alliance has served to protect its member planets from all possible threats. Good thing too, because a huge one is on its way! 

Supreme Commander Thorne likes order, or least his version of order. This means the entire universe bending at the knee to his will. In his relentless pursuit of power, Thorne has enlisted the help of a number of different alien races. Some joined the cause willingly. Some needed a bit more convincing. Now, the only thing standing in his way of total intergalactic domination is the Starcadian Alliance. Prepare to be launched into an out of this world adventure!

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