The Villages of HATE

Hate is the anger of the weak. Thus, hate thrives on the weak. 

-Alphonse Daudet

Before the dark times, humans would gather in major cities around the world. In the largest, populations would soar to an excess of 20 million. You could get lost in a sea of people, just another anonymous figure walking down the street. 

When the world ended, the cities were the first to fall. Massive numbers of people were wiped out in the blink of an eye. Those who survived were scattered and lost.

For generations, humans had to adapt to a nomadic lifestyle, never stopping in one place for too long. Threats would always drive them forward; either a lack of food, or something much more dangerous that threatened to crush their skulls and bathe in their blood.

Eventually, people started to settle again. They formed small groups of trustworthy allies, and societies, of a sort, began again. 

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