The War Rages On – The Grizzled: At Your Orders! Now Available

April 4, 1916

The war rages on and life in the trenches becomes more and more difficult. There are whispers of peace on the horizon, but that seems like a distant dream right now. In front of the soldiers are more missions, more hard knocks, and more orders.

The beautiful and powerful cooperative experience, The Grizzled, took the gaming world by surprise. Its simple design and challenging execution made it one of the most respected cooperative games in recent memory. Getting through the war alive was always a tough challenge and players who won the game did it by supporting one another. The Grizzled: At Your Orders! is the expansion to the original game featuring new Mission cards, character cutouts, and a way to set the difficulty level of the game. Players will dive deeper into the conflict and face challenges they never expected. Just like the base game, players will be trying to get through a number of Trials and survive until the end of the war.

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