Through the Looking Glass – Play Me Now Available

It’s through the looking glass one more time with a wild race through Wonderland. Play Me. The instructions couldn’t be more clear, but in Wonderland you always have to proceed with a little bit of caution. In Play Me, players are late for a very important date, and it’s a race to see who can complete their tasks first.

All players take their turns at the same time by rolling their dice as quickly as possible and setting aside one die at a time. They’re trying to collect a straight from one to six, in order! No need to wait for anyone else. It is, after all, a race. As play progresses, players must announce the action they’re taking as they do it. The first person to complete their straight will win the round. If you’re able to finish first in two rounds, you win the game!

Of course, it’s not that simple . . . in Wonderland it never is! If one player is running away with the game, their opponents may block them with their own dice to slow them down. Players will have to work twice as hard and be twice as lucky to advance. To remove a block, players must roll a matching number. They can then return the blocking die to their opponent and get back to the race.

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