Tracking The Enemy

Eschewing the comforts of modern society, the Free Folk live beyond the edge of civilization. This means that most of them are still living a nomadic hunter/gatherer lifestyle. While southerners might look down on this way of life, when the Free Folk march to war, it means that their skills in stalking and snaring prey in the forests translate well to the battlefield. A man can be brought low by a well-placed trap just like any wild game. This month, Free Folk players will be able to add units of Trappers to their forces.

Free Folk Trappers pack a pretty hefty punch for only costing four points to field. They have both ranged and melee attacks, an Order, as well as not giving up victory points when destroyed. With all of those things going for them, their individual stats might not seem very impressive, but it’s about having a whole package in a single unit. Their Wilding Bows are short range but hit about half the time. The unit is slightly better at ranged attacks than melee, so players will do well to keep them from getting engaged with the enemy. Another reason to keep them back is their relatively poor Defensive save of 5+, as well as their Morale value of 8+. This is not a unit that will be able to handle protracted engagements with the enemy.

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