United We Stan For Stannis

With the death of Robert Baratheon, his brothers have both decided that they should be the next person to be seated upon the Iron Throne. They’ve each built an army, tearing the House in two, demanding that people swear loyalty to either Stannis or Renly. While any other House might never stand a chance if their resources were split in twain, House Baratheon has enough power that either Baratheon brother might still manage to take the Iron Throne by force. In this article, we’re taking a look at those that have sworn to help out the older Baratheon, Stannis. Let’s take a look at what resources he’ll be getting in the Baratheon Heroes #1 box set.

Like with the other Heroes sets, the Baratheon Heroes #1 box set comes with a wealth of new characters that players can use to customize their army to their specific play style. It contains Unit Attachments and NCUs aplenty. The unique thing about House Baratheon is the loyalty system. When building an army, a House Baratheon player must decide if their army is loyal to one brother or the other. While generic units can work for either, the characters in the army are dedicated to working for only one. As such, nobody who is loyal to Renly can be used in an army that’s pledged to Stannis. This can cause difficult choices for a Baratheon player as they might like characters who are loyal to different brothers. But with such choice can come creativity in army-construction.

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