Visions in the Flames: Night’s Watch and Free Folk Updates

Bannermen, the flames continue to burn, and today we’re here to talk about the next round of updates for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniature Game. Back in December we released our 1.5 Updates, covering the Core Rules, Game Modes, as well as Updates for the Starks, Lannisters, and Neutral factions. We mentioned back then that Night’s Watch and Free Folk would also be receiving updates in the future, and that future is coming soon.

While both factions did receive some minor adjustments then, we held off on releasing the full scope of them to better focus on the initial three factions. This was partly to keep from just flooding with information, but also because, while all these changes were worked on as a complete package, we wanted to gather additional data specifically in regards to both Night’s Watch and Free Folk. Having been released much later than the initial factions, the overall flow of the game was still being largely defined not only by the emerging game-meta and player-base, but also just the level of experience people had compared to Starks, Lannisters, and Neutrals, as well as the raw number of options and releases.

We’re now ready to roll out the updates to Night’s Watch and Free Folk, which overall are much less in number than their predecessors but are just as exciting. Just like when we did those updates, we’re going to have a series of article leading up to the official release, going over some of the specific changes, as well as the design philosophy behind said changes.

Before we get into talking about some of the specifics, one additional item we’re going to address/mention is that, despite not releasing at exactly the same time as the others, we’re still wrapping these faction updates into the same “Update 1.5” umbrella as the others. Primarily, this is because these two factions are all that is being further modified, and moving the entire document set forward to a “Version 1.6” on account of this just seemed counterproductive, so you can treat this as a “Update v1.5.1” if you’re really a stickler for version control. Of course the actual Night’s Watch and Free Folk documents will note their changes accordingly with version control for now, just so players are aware they have the correct one.

That all being said, let’s take a look at two of the units receiving updates:

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