Wacky Races Deluxe: Never The Same Race Twice

Lush forests, scenic prairies, picturesque farms, and desert landscapes that look like a painting, the Wacky Races circuit will take the racers through all of them and more. Each area brings its own challenges the Racers will have to overcome in order to move forward. Only by knowing the lay of the land will they be able to advance quickly and take the checkered flag!

In Wacky Races: The Board Game Deluxe Edition, players will have to maneuver their way through all this terrain as well. At the start of the game, players will use the modular game tiles to randomly set up the racecourse, using the blue-backed tiles to create the first half of the race and the orange-backed ones for the second. To move forward from a tile, players must use the cards they have in their hands. When a player first starts their turn, they can play any card from their hand in order to move forward. This represents the Wacky Racer having a little bit of time to study the spot they’re in and know how to adjust. However, if they want to really put the pedal to the metal, they have to react quick. Players can use up to two more cards from their hand in order to move again. But, in this case, the cards played must match the type of terrain their Wacky Racer is on. So, for example, they would have to play a Desert card to move from a Desert tile to the next space ahead. Then, if they land on a Forest, they would need to play a Forest card to continue on. Managing their hands is key to coming across the finish line first.

Along with the four standard types of Terrain tiles described above, Wacky Races: The Board Game Deluxe Edition comes with several special Terrain tiles. During each race, one will be used during the second half of the course. Each one has special rules that will really alter how things work. For example, the Swamp tile that will trap Racers until they can play two of the same Movement card, or relinquish any combination of three Movement cards. Or there’s the Railroad Crossing that will halt the front Racer long enough for those at the very back to catch up a little, letting them move forward a space on the track. Then there’s the Crossroads. This tricky space lets a player swap any two other regular spaces on the racecourse. This can mean that they are ready to zoom ahead on their next turn, or disrupt another Racer’s plans. Any traps on the moved tiles go along with them, so it can really mess with another Racer’s day! Speaking of traps, the A.C.M.E. Labs tile lets a player get a feel of how Dick Dastardly works as they can place a Trap card out on the field. The different special tiles really can mix up the game and make the second half of the race a nail-biter all the way to the finish line.

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